Coming To The Carlyle Neighborhood – Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli


Going to be multiple posts today. I was over near the Quattro Formaggi restaurant last night and noticed a building permit up at the old Stella’s Cafe. It appears that a Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli is moving into that space. The place was closed up, so I could not ask anyone as to a projected opening date. From the amount of work I could see that has been done. I would venture a mid to late summer opening.

I looked on the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership website and that had no information about this. As soon as I get that info you, my fellow dear readers will be the first to know.

Looking at their website, it appears Heidi’s originates out of Denver, Colorado. On their website, it says they were voted #1 deli in Denver by a local magazine. Through franchising opportunities, they appear to be growing at a rapid pace. In the D.C. area, they have two locations in the district, and are now moving into our area.

After a perusal of the menu, I am very interested in trying the Hell’s Kitchen and the transplanted New Yorker. For more information about Heidi’s, check out their website.

Welcome Heidi’s!

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