Monroe Avenue Bridge – Second Span Opens Finally

by Lee Hernly, Editor

If you travel between Alexandria and Crystal City or Washington, DC via Route 1, you’ll be glad to know that after some paperwork issues, the second span of the Monroe Ave bridge has reopened. The story is on

Three years after construction on the straightened Monroe Ave. Bridge began, the southbound span opened. Just after 1:00 p.m., the first car crossed the finished roadway into Old Town. The northbound lanes opened last year and have carried traffic in both directions. The second span was scheduled to open in December but was delayed because of legal wrangling over the transfer of right-of-ways. has the rest of the story…

Since the citizens of Del Ray have wanted the bridge straightened, many of the businesses in that area of Alexandria have taken a hit because it has been harder to get to. Hopefully, with this new span open, that will change.

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