Rep. Jim Moran at City Hall Tonight to Discuss city Earmarks

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th District) is scheduled to be at City Hall tonight for the Council work session to discuss the City of Alexandria’s earmarks (oops…federal assistance) requested for the upcoming year.

If you want to see what types of bloated spending your Government looks at to provide earmarks for, Congressman Moran is scheduled at the session around 8:00pm. Some of the items to be considered are:

  • The Eisenhower Avenue Metro Station Platform extension – Eisenhower Avenue Metro Station can only be accessed fiom the South side of Eisenhower Avenue, but a great deal of existing and future development is taking place on the north side of this street-much of it federal office space. Not only is the existing limited station access unsafe; it discourages transit use. The City has received over $2 million in federal funding to begin to plan for the reconfiguration and expansion of the platform of this station to the north side of Eisenhower. The City estimates that over $16 million in additional funding is needed, and would appreciate additional federal assistance.
  • Eisenhower Ave Widening – The eastern portion of Eisenhower Avenue is not wide enough or configured in a way to support the increased traffic resulting from the development that is occurring there, as well as the changes that have been made to the Beltway as a result of the replacement of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. While the City has begun to widen a portion of the roadway, we have insufficient funds to complete the project. Since this highway serves a large number of federal workers, and the project is necessitated in part by the replacement of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, the City is seeking $1.5 million in federal funds to assist the City with this project.
  • Crime Scene Investigation Forensic Field Vehicle – The Alexandria Police Department needs a specialized vehicle that it can use to provide its Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit with the ability to respond to major crime scenes involving multiple units of the Alexandria Police Department, other City departments, or law enforcement units from outside the City. This vehicle would be equipped and outfitted to accommodate every need of the forensic investigator, including lasers and other specialized equipment that could not otherwise be taken into the field. The vehicle would be called out to those scenes where multiple CSI investigators are involved in processing a complex crime scene involving numerous items of evidence or multiple fatalities. A vehicle such as this is commonly found in police departments in this region and throughout the country, but the City of Alexandria has been unable to fund the purchase of one. The price of a fully equipped 24′ CSI unit would be approximately $107,000, and the City would appreciate federal funding for this purchase.
  • And more…
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