Carlyle Dog Park – Update

by Lee Hernly, Editor

The Carlyle Dog Park has been completed now for a few months but it is my understanding that there are still some issues that remain with it and the City has yet to accept it. There is also some discussion regarding the design of the park, specifically the pea gravel in the small dog area. There is also some question concerning who can actually access the Park, whether it is just for Carlyle residents or not. It is my understanding after speaking with various members of City staff and the contractor that the Park is supposed to be only for Carlyle residents. That was until I got the response you see below.

Also, the tennis courts located next door to the Dog Park which were built some 13 years ago have yet to be accepted by the City until the issues with the Dog Park are settled. Here is the response I received by City staff concerning these two issues:

The Dog Park is required to be dedicated to the City, per the Carlyle SUP condition #47 below.  I don’t think the dedication has occurred yet.

47.  Two tennis courts shall be provided within the project on Block A.  In addition, a dog run area shall be constructed on the adjoining 2.12 acres of land.   The surface for the dog run area shall be the existing mix of gravel and landscaping, with no fewer than ten shade trees planted at locations around and/or within the area to the satisfaction of the Director of RP&CA.  Further, the dog-run shall be fully fenced, water shall be provided to the site, and no fewer than four benches shall be provided. The courts and the dog run shall be dedicated to the City for recreation purposes.  Once the City accepts the dedication of the courts and dog area, the City shall be responsible for their maintenance.

The Department of Recreation, Parks & Cultural Activities has approved a latch option in lieu of the previously proposed magnetic system.  RP&CA has informed me that the latch will be a chain link gate fork latch to be locked with a combination or pad lock, and a detail of the gate latch will be submitted to the City for approval.

So in other words, it may be a while before we find out 1) if the Dog Park is going to be locked and 2) just exactly who can have  access to the park.

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Carlyle Tower Resident February 23, 2009 - 3:59 pm

I’ve lived in CT for seven yrs and rarely see anyone in the tennis court beside the new dog park. I think that space might be better suited for parking for the dog park, hotel, and CT guests.

Carlyle Community News February 23, 2009 - 4:07 pm

The reason no one is on the courts is because they have fallen into such disrepair. This is why we are trying to work with the City and get these courts repaired as soon as possible.

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