All this talk about Metro contemplating job and service cuts to help eliminate a budget shortfall got me thinking. Do Metro board members actually take Metro?? I did some digging and I found this interesting little tidbit from the Washington Post.

The article states that while the board is considering $21 million in cuts to make up a revenue shortfall, over half of the members don’t take Metro including our very own Mayor Bill Euille.

Infrequent riders, in addition to Graham, are Maryland representative Betty Hewlett, Alexandria Mayor William D. Euille, Neil O. Albert, a deputy D.C. mayor, and D.C. Council member Michael Brown (I-At Large). Brown, sworn in last month, said he couldn’t remember the last time he took Metro. Taking transit is not convenient for their jobs, they said.

As a representative to a system that helps more and more residents commute to work every day, Mayor Euille is out of touch. If he doesn’t take Metro, he surely doesn’t use the DASH system. If he did, maybe he would serve the community better.

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