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Traffic & Parking Board and the Motorcoach Task Force Tries to Take Away Parking

I just found out, about 14 days late, that the City of Alexandria Motorcoach Task Force formally proposed to the Traffic & Parking Board a number of parking changes in order for the tourist buses (a.k.a. motorcoaches) to be allowed to park outside of the Old Town area. And where exactly did they decide to make the main parking section for the buses? On Jamieson Ave just outside of our area. Here are the details:

The City is requesting to remove 26 parking spaces on the south side of Jamieson Avenue to create 10 seasonal tour bus parking spaces and add seasonal tour bus parking signage.

The 26 parking spaces must be removed to ensure the tour buses have adequate space to load and unload passengers, the area must be handicapped accessible and to allow the bus to get out of the travel-way when loading and unloading passengers. The City can determine during non-touring season to allow the 26 parking spaces to return.

My question is this. Why with parking at such a premium in Carlyle have we allowed the City to come in and try to take parking away from our area? I have seen all 26 spaces full at night everyday of the week. You can certainly bet that the motorcoaches won’t be completely in the parking area and out of the traffic lane so proceed with caution if this eventually passes in that area.

City Council got smart (wait…it’s an election year) to defer the request on March 24, 2009 to install short-term motorcoach parking on Jamieson Avenue until April with the provision that staff would return to the Traffic and Parking Board with at least two alternate locations and a no-park alternative. Council also issued a proviso that the recommendation goes back to the Motorcoach Task Force in April for further review.

Here is the docket report for the last Traffic & Parking Board meeting from March 23, 2009:

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Thanks for sharing this important info. I live and work on Holland Lane and I’m not looking forward to the noise and exhaust fumes from all of those buses in the neighborhood. I hope they include a provision requiring the buses to turn off their engines when parked. The fumes and noise will greatly impact all the people who like to walk, jog and exercise in the vicinity of the African American Heritage park.

Carlyle Community News
Carlyle Community News

Hi Ed,

It will be interesting to see what alternatives are proposed at the Parking Board hearing on the 27th. I will certainly be there to voice disapproval with the notion that this is okay. I have proposed to the Task Force that they have the buses park out behind the Potomac Yard SHopping Center which several do already. We’ll see what comes of that.


I’ll try to get the word out to other residents on Holland Lane. If you could post the details of the Parking Board hearing on the 27th, we might be able to generate a decent turnout.


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