Parking Meters Fixed (Updated Post)

by Lee Hernly, Editor

UPDATE (Mar 15, 2010): Parking meters in Carlyle should now be allowing dollar bills and credit/debit cards again instead of just coins.

I have received several emails on the subject of the parking meters around Carlyle. Since snowmageddon, the parking meters in Carlyle have accepted coins only, which has frustrated residents, businesses, and visitors. The top of the meters is open and has a solar panel on the top along with a wireless transmitter. That transmitter emits a signal back to the company in California that maintains the meters. Snow got on top of the meters and prevented that from happening.

The company in California that does the maintenance has issued a software upgrade and new transmitters to the meters but, it has yet to be received in the City. It is due any day now via UPS. As soon as they receive the upgrade and it is applied, the meters will be back to receiving dollars and credit/debit cards.

The City expects the meters to be fixed by the early part of next week.

Parking Meter on Jamieson Ave

Parking Meter on Jamieson Ave

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