Where Should You Put Your Money?

by Lee Hernly, Editor

If your uncertain about your bank or are unsure of what to do with your money in these uncertain economic times, financial guru Suze Orman suggests you consider putting your money with a community bank. She has other great ideas too in the video below taken from her recent appearance on CBS’ Sunday Morning program.

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In our community of Carlyle, we have a very strong community bank, Burke & Herbert. The little community banks, like Burke & Herbert, are doing very well in this recessionary period. Burke and Herbert is a family owned bank, which prides itself on a dull and prodding approach.

Its president, E. Hunt Burke, explains why customers are flocking to the counter in this interview on the BBC.

Burke & Herbert on Jamieson Ave in Carlyle

Burke & Herbert

So in these tough economic times, if you’re looking for a great place to put your money, consider Burke & Herbert Bank.

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