Street Lights – 2000 Block of Jamieson Ave

by Lee Hernly, Editor
2000 Block of Jamieson Ave

2000 Block of Jamieson Ave

The street lights in the 2000 block of Jamieson, which stretches from Dulaney Street to Courthouse Square have been dark at night for quite some time. I spoke to one of the City engineer’s who said the contractor that built the Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) used the wrong type of cable when stringing the lights. The outage stretches around the Dulaney Street corner down west side of Dulaney in the USPTO complex.

I was assured by the engineer that based upon the number of complaints (I’ve called several times), they are working with Dominion Virginia power to get this fixed ASAP. I mentioned that timing was of utmost importance given this week’s incident very near our neighborhood. I pressed for a timeframe and the engineer could not give one but thought it would happen very soon.

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