In case you were wondering, there are several TV crews parked around the Federal Courthouse in Alexandria in our neighborhood. They are parked there because three (3) of the alleged Russian spys are appearing in court today.

ABC7 News reports:

Three Russian spy suspects arrested in Northern Virginia are scheduled to return to court Thursday.

Arlington residents Mikhail Semenko, Michael Zottoli and Patricia Mills will appear before Magistrate Judge Theresa Buchanan in U.S. District Court in Alexandria at 2 p.m. Thursday. At the detention hearing, Buchanan will decide whether they are to remain in custody until trial. Officials expect them to eventually be transferred to New York, where charges were filed.

Semenko, Zottoli and Mills were arrested Sunday at their Arlington homes and charged with failure to register as foreign agents and money laundering. There were among 10 people taken into custody Sunday as part of the bust. Bail hearing will also be held in New York and Boston on Thursday for six others charged in the Russian spy case.

Prosecutors say the evidence against the spy suspects is overwhelming, and for the three Arlington residents, the local ties are shocking.


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