You’re Invited: Free Tae Bo® Fitness for Japan Day in Carlyle

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Pray For JapanTuesday, March 29th will be Tae Bo® Fitness for Japan day in Carlyle!

In light of the recent devastation in Japan, Team Tae Bo® Fitness would love for you to join with them as they support those in need. Our hearts are with the Japanese people and we want to bless them during this time of heartache. As a universal group, Tae Bo® instructors around with world will be holding special class/fundraisers dedicated to the people of Japan.

If you can’t make the event, please consider donating via the link below.

Admission is free for all!  Donations are optional but encouraged!  (suggested donation is $10-$15).  Please donate using this webpage (cash/check accepted at the event).  Cash or check will be necessary at the event to purchase t-shirts and/or raffle tickets.

The Patent and Trademark Office is hosting the event  in the Madison Auditorium (located in the bottom floor of the Atrium) at 600 Dulany Street right here in our neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia. The event takes place from 5.30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m. Please plan to arrive inside the auditorium by 5:15pm for registration.

The event will feature a special Tae Bo® Fitness class led by several instructors as well as sales of t-shirts and raffle tickets, with all proceeds going through the great Peace Winds Charity and 100% going to relief efforts in Japan.

Raffle prizes include: t-shirts, personal training sessions, Tae Bo® training sessions, Jewelery, Accessories, Interior Painting Services, and more!!

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