Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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DASH Bus Needs Your Help!

All participants will receive a FREE DASH Smartrip Card!

DASH is looking for passengers to help them test the next generation of the monthly DASH Pass.  Starting this summer, customers will be able to load a pass onto their SmarTrip cards at a transit shop or online – but first, they want to make sure everything works!

There is no cost to participate in this pilot program, and there are only a few simple rules: 

  • Participants must agree to continue purchasing their monthly paper DASH Pass
  • For the duration of the pilot, participants must agree to report any issues to us
  • Participants must consent to anonymous monitoring and potential contact to verify proper functionality of pass product on card
  • Participants must report lost or stolen SmarTrip cards to us immediately
  • If you’re interested, simply complete an application online at

For questions or assistance with the application, please contact Tristan Cunningham, Transit Analyst, at 703-746-5638.

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