Historic Tall Ship Gloria Sails Into Old Town Alexandria (Video)


Being a person that works in D.C., it’s hard to get to things that happen in Alexandria during the day. Having said that, we’ve received countless requests for photos and/or videos of the arrival of the tall ship Gloria in Alexandria.

Good news.

The Washington Post has photos of the ships arrival at the Old Town waterfront and my new favorite blog, Old Town Home, has posted video of the arrival (see below. Also, start following them as the blog is pretty cool). They also have a couple of really nice photos posted if you want to see what the ship looks like.

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Here’s the Gloria coming in with all the sailors on the bows, WAAAAYYY up there, singing latin sailor opera.


More singing…


And, here is the 19-gun salute (gun shots + handheld video = bad)


Old Town Home

I’m glad you enjoyed the video, and that you’re enjoying the blog! We’re pretty new on the internet and It’s always fun to see our name show up in unexpected places šŸ™‚

The ship’s arrival was a lot of fun. I was surprised by all of the music and singing from the crew. It’s a much different Navy that we’re used to seeing.

Thanks for the link!