ICYMI: What’s Happening At The Federal Courthouse In Carlyle


We keep watch on the case dockets at the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Carlyle so you don’t have to and every now and then, we post about some interesting cases that are happening at the courthouse in our neighborhood.

There are a couple of sentences that were handed down today in some cases at the courthouse. The media may not think they’re big enough cases to warrant news truck attention like the Kevin Ricks trial, or the Moussaoui trial, or the Lee Bentley Farkas case, or even the Pakistani man who wanted to blow up Metro stations. We cover them big or small.

These two are notable because they involve women.

The Washington Post reports on the first one involves a former administrative director of a conservative organization based in Alexandria who plead guilty today (Monday) to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the group. The second one, via the AP, involves a former business relationship manager of Wachovia Bank, now a part of Wells Fargo Bank, who was sentenced today (Monday) to 84 months in prison for stealing $14.1 million from clients of Wachovia Bank.

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