Temporary Sign Changes for
Capital Beltway Outer Loop I-95/495 North Split

Motorists Encouraged to Use All Lanes
to Go “Thru” to Maryland; All Local Exits Keep Right

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project will be placing new temporary signs on the Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway (I-95/495 North) to simplify the message to motorists heading toward the Wilson Bridge. Specifically, the signs will inform drivers that all lanes go through to destinations beyond the construction area after the lane split. The signs also will alert motorists who wish to take the local exits to keep right. The new signage leading up to the split is intended to help drivers better understand the lane configuration, thereby improving traffic flow.

Placement of the new temporary signs will begin on Friday night, June 10 and be complete by June 13. There will be brief, temporary single lane closures during off-peak hours on the Outer Loop during these dates to place the signs. When complete, the new sequence of signs will first appear just after the Van Dorn interchange of the Outer Loop and then at regular intervals up to the split, which is currently just east of Telegraph Road.

Signs notifying travelers that all lanes go through to destinations beyond the construction area will be in black letters and symbols on yellow and orange backgrounds. Messaging to keep right to take local exits will be in white letters on black backgrounds, which is consistent with existing and future permanent LOCAL lane signage.

Motorists are urged to use caution when traveling in this area. All construction-related work and dates are subject to change, depending on weather, material and contractor availability or other unforeseen conditions.

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