ICYMI: What’s Happening At The Federal Courthouse In Carlyle

by Lee Hernly, Editor

We keep watch on the case dockets at the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Carlyle so you don’t have to and every now and then, we post about some interesting cases that are happening at the courthouse in our neighborhood. For today’s post, there are two high profile grand jury’s to report on.

Yesterday, friends and supporters of Bradley Manning were here in our Carlyle neighborhood to rally behind David House, a founding member of the Bradley Manning Support Network who was scheduled to testify before a grand jury at the Courthouse. We first told you about the Wikileaks investigation at this link back in December. We heard yesterday there was a truck circling the Courthouse with the words ‘Free Bradley Manning’ on it as well as protesters engaging residents and/or employees in the area in arguments. I also heard there was a news truck in the area at the Westin but, have yet to see any video pop up online.

WUSA 9 reported the following:

A supporter of the Army private suspected of supplying classified documents to the WikiLeaks website on Wednesday refused to testify to a federal grand jury, accusing the U.S. justice department of using Nixon-like fear tactics to intimidate advocates of transparency in government.

David House, a founding member of the Bradley Manning Support Network, said he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination after being subpoenaed to the federal courthouse in Alexandria. Prosecutors have convened a grand jury there to investigate the WikiLeaks disclosures.

House told reporters after his appearance that nearly all the questions posed by prosecutors centered on Bradley Manning, who is being held at Fort Leavenworth while military authorities conduct their own investigation into whether he illegally leaked sensitive documents about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. House said he was not asked any questions about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The Justice Department, House said, “is very frantically trying to link Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, and they’re casting a very wide net.”

His lawyer Peter Krupp said that while House has done nothing wrong, he invoked his right against self-incrimination because “any testimony he would give would be manipulated to be used against him.” Krupp also accused prosecutors of using the grand jury to trample on House’s right to freely associate with Manning or other WikiLeaks supporters.

This isn’t the only high profile investigation going on at the Courthouse. Time’s online blog Battleland reports on a secret grand jury that’s been impaneled and is looking into alleged CIA abuses.

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