Sinbad Restaurant Taking Over Maggio’s Space at 3250 Duke Street


The City of Alexandria has received the following request for an administrative special use permit. These normally occur when a business is sold or, the business has moved, or the business is changing hours.

In accordance with section 11-500 of the Zoning Ordinance, the  below request may be approved administratively by the Director of Planning and Zoning. If you have any comments regarding the request, please contact Planning and Zoning staff at 703 746-4666 or email the Planner listed below the case no later than March 19, 2014.

SPECIAL USE PERMIT # 2014-0018 (View Application)

  • Address: 3250 Duke Street
  • Current Business: Maggio’s Restaurant
  • Proposed Business: Sinbad Restaurant
  • Administrative Special Use Permit for a change of ownership and a minor amendment to extend the hours of operation.
  • APPLICANT: Family Food Inc

Applications and status of approval for past and pending Administrative Special Use Permit requests can be viewed online at this link .

Maggio’s Italian & Latino Restaurant is now Maggio’s Subs & Pizza. They have moved to the Huntington area.

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