#FlashbackFriday Columbia Firehouse in Alexandria, Virginia

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Columbia Firehouse - Flashback friday

Via The Library of Congress, here’s a look back at the Columbia Firehouse in Alexandria, Virginia (circa 1918-1950).

In its early history, The Alexandria, Virginia Fire Department included five different volunteer fire companies including the Columbia Fire Company. The Star Fire Company was started in 1799 and then they combined with the Friendship Fire Company in 1852. Its new name became the Columbia Engine Company #4 (as in Engine 204), when it was then equipped with a new steam-powered fire engine in 1883 and was located at 109 South St. Asaph Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

How does this old building, which now houses a terrific restaurant that honors the fire company’s name look like today??

Via TripAdvisor.com, here’s a more recent look at the Columbia Firehouse.



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