This Day in Alexandria History – Capital Beltway Opens 50 Years Ago in NoVA

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Hard to believe that I have been around longer than the Northern Virginia section of I-495 (a.k.a The Capital Beltway). Not too much longer of course.

Via William World News

It was on this day fifty years ago that the Capital Beltway was completed in Northern Virginia. I suppose many commuters would have found it opening a day earlier more apropos as the road seems more a burden than anything else and the SPEED LIMIT 55 signs to be a mockery. Back in 1964, most of Virginia’s 22 miles of Beltway was only 2 lanes wide each way. Now, with the HO/T (high occupancy/toll), EZ-Pass Express Lanes, it is 6 lanes each waybetween Springfield and Tysons.

Inside the Beltway wouldn’t be coined until 1969 (by Mike Causey, then of The Post, now with Federal News Radio), but the highway formed a big wall literally and figuratively in Fairfax County and the City of Alexandria.

Read more at this link.

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