Landmark Mall Carnival - a Reithoffer show in Alexandria, Virginia

I LOVED going to carnivals like this when I was a kid and still do. I was hoping to infuse a little bit of that excitement onto my five-year-old as I took him on Saturday afternoon to the annual Landmark Mall carnival powered by Reithoffer Shows. It was a gorgeous day to go on Saturday, not too hot and BOY what a sunset we watched as the sky turned from blue to pink.

I was wondering though, with the Landmark mall transformation set to begin this fall, will the carnival be back in 2015?

Here’s my quick review …

The carnival is normally located out by the food court area of the mall (see wide photo above taken from the Dutch wheel.) between the Macy’s and Sears anchor stores. There was a small line to get in at the time we went but, the line grew as the evening progressed. The line to get in went pretty quick and you have to pay $2 a head.

Once you’re in, in order to ride a ride, you must purchase tickets as all of the rides required between 3-5 tickets, with 5 tickets being for the awesome Dutch Wheel. We rode the Dutch Wheel first and last and BOY, did we get up high (see photo of Old Town Alexandria from a distance below) and BOY was it cold up high.

Next, we moved on to the Spiderman slide which was something I couldn’t get my son off of. The kids climbed and slid down and climbed again with a BIG slide at the end. Next, we went to the hall of mirrors and if my camera was working at the time, I sure as heck would have taken video of my son trying to navigate the hall of mirrors on his own. It was a site to see and yes, Daddy rescued him a couple of times.

Next, it was on to the ‘Fun Slide’, which was the most open part of the Carnival, with hardly any riders. My son loved that too, just as he loved the one at Cox Farms last fall. Next, we waited in line for the bumper cars and as my son drove for the first time, I pushed the gas pedal. What an adventure that was! 🙂

Next, we moved on to the Starship 3000 which was another ride my son thoroughly enjoyed. It is a ride that spins you around at what seems like 100 MPH. We did that three (3) times and I think my head is still spinning from it.

We also had some pizza and popcorn at the carnival. I was tempted to try some of the fried snickers and funnel cakes but, thought better of it. Overall, it was a good time had by all. I know it was good because my five-year-old passed out on the way home.

Thank you Landmark Mall and thank you Reithoffer Shows! The carnival moved on to Hyattsville , Maryland after closing last night.

Here are some photos I took…

The Dutch Wheel up close.

Dutch Wheel at Reithoffer Show at Landmark Mall carnival in Alexandria, Virginia

You can see Old Town Alexandria, Virginia from atop the Dutch Wheel.

Old Town Alexandria from atop the Dutch Wheel at Landmark Mall Carnival in Alexandria, Virginia

T^hat Mark Center building sure is BIG eh?

Mark Center building in Alexandria Virginia

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