West End of Alexandria, Virginia is Booming


Landmark Gateway

Well not literally but, developmentally speaking yes it is as Michael Neibauer at the Washington Business Journal notes today. I have mentioned one of the projects in this piece Landmark Gateway previously at this link.

It was perhaps inevitable, given its close proximity to the Van Dorn Metro station, that Alexandria’s South Pickett Street corridor would eventually lose its low-density, low-intensity industrial feel in favor of transit-oriented, mixed-use development.

That transformation is happening now, with three major projects underway, or in planning, that will bring roughly 800 apartments and more than 100 townhomes to the 1 mile stretch of roadway between South Van Dorn and Duke streets.

“It was so quiet for so long,” Rebecca Pelino, co-founder of Capital Investment Advisors LLC, owner of the U.S. Bowling Alley site at 100 South Pickett St., said of the corridor. “It’s pretty ripe. It’s a really good location for commuting.”

Read more about some of the planned projects for the West End at this link.

(H/T Justin)

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