Alexandria City Council Legislative Meeting (4/22) – Live Blog

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Fun starts @ 7:00 PM. Agenda for tonight’s meeting can be found at this link.

9:37 PM

Meeting adjourned.

9:36 PM

Council schedule for the next week. Budget session on Thursday and final add/delete on Monday (4/28).

9:30 PM

Council members query City staff in regards to progress on the EIS study. Councilman Chapman asks about schedule. Councilman Smedberg not happy with option A. Says maybe better for City to not build station if A option is best.

9:27 PM

Deputy City Manager Jinks says NPS requirements are/have added $100M to cost of the cost of the Potomac Yard Metro. Models are being developed of the different options should be ready in May 2014.

9:23 PM

Councilman Smedberg queries Deputy City Manager Jinks on how much the NPS concerns are weighing down the progress of the study. Discussion centers on viability of Potomac Metro development.

9:18 PM

Council receiving oral update on the Potomac Yard Metrorail Station Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Study from Deputy City Manager Mark Jinks. Notes how many people living near the proposed Metro station. EIS study should be updated and selection of site should be chosen by fall. Study looking at four (4) possible sites. NPS has concerns with the B proposed site.

9:14 PM

Council members made individual oral reports.

 8:52 PM

Council considers release of Contingent Reserve Funds and the Transfer of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for affordable housing in the Beauregard plan.

8:40 PM

Councilman Lovain and Councilman Chapman, liaisons to this Commission, make their remarks on the Commission’s report.

8:36 PM

Discussion on the Children and Youth Master Plan centers on cultural competency training. Clink this link for a good paper on this.

8:28 PM

Receipt of the Alexandria Children and Youth Master  Plan. Youth Commission members make presentation.

8:22 PM

Mayor Euille and members make remarks and query staff on CIP report. Mayor Euille querying staff on manpower used by CIP projects. Will he be boasting these numbers in future campaign events?

8:20 PM

Eisenhower Avenue widening on hold till development under construction in Eisenhower East comes online.

8:14 PM

Staff discusses the work of Department of Project Implementation and how that will improve CIP process in future and goes over list of projects.

7:48 PM

Quarterly Capital Projects status report  – Related to City Council approved Capital Projects. City Manager Rashad Young makes some summary remarks prior to this presentation. Councilman Wilson queries the City Manager on the new process of combining purchasing rules. Other members make remarks. Discussion ensues between City staff and members. Staff gives members an overview of the report and why staff went to a more transparent report.

7:28 PM

After last night’s late meeting, this meeting may end by 8:00 PM. Progress Report on Eco-City and the Environmental Action Plan 2030. Plan meeting most targets so far. Discussion centers on tree canopy. Vice Mayor Silberberg notes how increase in tree canopy has helped other localities like Atlanta, GA. Green building requirements not meeting target, mainly due to Potomac Yards developments. this was due to Potomac Yards being approved prior to Eco-City plan. City received silver award for bicycling. Members query the presenter and City staff on this presentation.

7:25 PM

Consent calendar 9-13 unanimously approved. Mayor Euille runs through contested appointments. Kevin Beekman from the Arlandrian blog appointed to Traffic & Parking Board. On these contested appointments, Mayor Euille notes votes were taken among members. Why are these not done in an open forum?

7:19 PM

Board Members and President of First Night Alexandria make presentation of the 2013 Annual Report from First Night Alexandria. Mayor Euille and members of Council make remarks about their experience at First Night Alexandria.

7:02 PM

First of two proclamations. Presentation by Councilman Wilson of a Proclamation Recognizing the 100th Anniversary of the Virginia Cooperative Extension. Council voting on these post-presentation. Would have thought these would have been voted on prior to this.

Next is Presentation of a Proclamation by Mayor Euille Recognizing Judy Guse-Noritake For Her 22 year Service to the Park and Recreation Commission. Jim Spengler, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, makes some remarks praising Judy. Employees and fellow members of the Commission make some remarks. Vice Mayor Silberberg makes some remarks. Notes Ms. Guse-Noritake is an incredible leader. Councilman Wilson, Councilwoman Pepper, Councilman Smedberg, and Councilman Chapman make remarks praising Ms. Guse-Noritake.

7:01 PM

That has to be the fastest approval of minutes I have ever seen.

7:00 PM
Meeting actually starts on time. Mayor Euille making opening remarks about state of the City address and other matters.

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April 28, 2014 11:42 am

[…] I told you during the recent City Council Legislative meeting live blog, there was a lot of back and forth discussion between members and City staff on the Potomac Yard […]

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