Addy From Alexandria Gets Her Wish – Hear Her ‘Roar’ (Video) #AddyRoar


Well done Addy! Well done!

Via MyFoxDC

A video posted on YouTube is a wish come true– literally– for a little girl from Alexandria. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, 5-year-old Addy– who just fought cancer and won–got the chance star in her own music video for “Roar,” Katy Perry’s hit song.

About a year ago, Addy was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic cancer. She was only 4 then, and she spent countless hours in the hospital.

The one thing that got her through all of the procedures and treatment was watching the performances of her favorite artists– like Katy Perry. She also kept busy by practicing her own singing and dancing.

When she learned she would be granted a wish by the MidAtlantic Make-A-Wish Foundation, she knew her wish was to be a pop star. But her wish doesn’t end there: Addy fought cancer– and she beat it!

(H/T GenaRoma)

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