Via WFB, this was painful to watch this morning as the junior Senator from Virginia, who has endorsed Mrs. Clinton for president two years out, stumbles through a segment with Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinkski where he could not name one thing Hillary Clinton stands for. Reminds one of this video where Democrats could not name a single Hillary Clinton accomplishment.

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Dalton Wilcox
Dalton Wilcox

Putting the “RED” in Red Brick Town, I see.

If I want partisan political hackery, there’s plenty of places I can read it.

Thank you for your comment Dalton. Personally, I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008 as well as Senator Kaine. You won’t find a lot of posts like this on here but, when they deserve a post, yes there will be one.

BTW/ Republicans in town have criticized me for being too partisan as well on some other posts.

This is and will always be an equal opportunity blog. If you have something pro or con against any candidate, you are most welcome to submit a post on it or post it in our forums.


It’s a tough call for neighborhood bloggers. To post political stuff or just stay away. The comments seem to always turn into a boxing match, or an echo chamber. Intelligent and courteous conversation falls by the wayside.

But the 8th District race is certainly in the news and affects Alexandria, Arlington and part of Fairfax County. In fact, it’s on the front page of the Post (for those of us old timers who still get the paper..)

TY Jay for your comments. The one thing I will never to is stray from something when it comes to the Commonwealth, to Northern Virginia, or to Alexandria and, unlike the Washington Post, I will never lie to my readers.

Personally, the choice of the next president is important to everyone. Here, Senator Kaine from Virginia, a man I admire, bungled an answer. That, I will never stray from regardless of party.