Alexandria Planning Commission Approves Cameron Park Development in Landmark


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At this week’s meeting, the Alexandria Planning Commission unanimously approved the new Cameron Park development for the Pickett Street area of Landmark in the West End of Alexandria. The Landmark Small Area Plan, adopted in 2009, establishes a vision for major parcels in the Landmark/Van Dorn street area of Alexandria and this mixed-use development will fit right in.

The Cameron Park development, which will be located at 430 and 450 South Pickett Street right behind the Home Depot (see map below), is a commercial area with a couple of warehouse buildings that will be demolished.

The 7.8-acre, 457-unit mixed-use development will include a unique multi-modal bridge included so as to save residents time in getting to the Van Dorn Street Metro Station. According to documents, the developer will also pay a substantial amount to the City’s affordable housing fund.

What are your thoughts on this?

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