Coming Soon – A Fast Ferry From Alexandria to Washington D.C.

Cherry Blossom boat on Potomac River waterfront in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

I’m wondering if the cars that use this ferry would have to pay the planned commuter toll to get to D.C. in addition to the ferry cost? What do you think about this idea?


WASHINGTON — Within a year, a fast ferry could bring commuters from the Alexandria, Virginia, waterfront to the Navy Yard.

Prince William County Supervisor Frank Principi says U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded a grant of nearly $4 million to provide assistance to help establish the service.

The money will be used to buy two ferry boats and operate them during commuter hours.

“Assuming that it takes off, and there’s a high demand for it, as our study indicated, then [we could] expand the service,” Principi says.

Principi, an advocate for the ferry service, has been working with the Northern Virginia Regional Commission and regional stakeholders to start the service after a 2009 Virginia Department of Transportation study concluded that it would be viable transit option for the region.

The NVRC is made up of 14-member governments from the Northern Virginia suburbs.

“The market analysis, where we’re able to demonstrate a consumer demand for the service, I think was the ultimate issue that led the U.S. Department of Transportation to financially support the launch of ferry service in the region,” he says.

Getting the ferry service off the ground is not a huge technologically complex issue that some would think. But growing it and sustaining it will be more difficult.

And that will require more partners to climb onboard, he says.

“Be it the military, local and state government and private sector to sustain the launch of the service,” he adds.

Principi says the reason it should be up and running within a year is because, “We don’t want to pick locations that require extensive dredging and environmental issues. We want to pick clean environmentally sound locations possibly with a floating dock.”

He adds that there are opportunities for a floating dock on the waterfront in Alexandria.

Principi says the ferry didn’t come about overnight.

Read more at this link.

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