Crime Alert in the Carlyle Neighborhood


Via The Carlyle Community Council

The Carlyle area has been the site of theft and vagrancy incidents this summer. In August, four laptop computers have been stolen from office buildings. The suspect is described as a male, well dressed, of dark complexion and short black hair. His modus operandi is to linger in hallways waiting for someone to use a “back door” exit and then gains access when that same individual returns to their suite, via the back door. This individual goes in the suite, taking one or two laptops and leaves via that same back door, walks down the stairwell and exits the building.

The other issue has been with a homeless gentleman who has been loitering, littering as well as publicly urinating in the Carlyle area. Local Police are aware of this person. There have been recent reports of similar incidents by other individuals.

If this occurs on your property, the Alexandria Police Department advises you to call the police non-emergency line at 703.746.4444. They have also advised Carlyle properties to post “private property” signs.

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