Help Plant Trees in Four Mile Run Park in Alexandria (Video)

by Lee Hernly, Editor

four mile runThe City of Alexandria partnered this summer with Citizinvestor to help Alexandria citizens invest in their local community. Over the summer, generous local non-profits have made funds available for Arlandria’s Four Mile Run Park to plant trees. Now it’s up to us, the citizens of Alexandria, to help buy the trees and help keep them watered.

In Arlandria, a group of community volunteers has performed numerous improvement projects in and around Four Mile Run Park over the years. Now, through Citizinvestor, the group has started the 4MR Park Community Fall Tree Planting, which is a community initiative in conjunction with the City of Alexandria’s Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities.

Each tree requires approximately $380: an estimated $100 for the tree itself (at 1.5-inch caliper); $25-30 for watering bag and proper staking; as much as $12.50 per watering 20 times per year for two years (if no other access is possible watering services will be utilized). All planting and care of the trees will be performed by community volunteers!

Phase 1 & 2 are funded. I have donated to this project. What about you? Click the Citizinvestor links above or click the link in the sidebar to the right if you can donate and help your neighbors out.

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Help Plant Trees in Four Mile Run Park in Alexandria (Video) | Red Brick Town September 30, 2014 - 1:09 pm

[…] is an update to this post. Only three (3) days remain for phase 3! If you can, donate […]

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