Alexandria, Virginia Among Most Physically Attractive Mid-Sized Cities in the USA

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Are Folks in Alexandria, Virginia beautiful? The folks at Movato Real Estate looked at a variety of factors to rank Alexandria, Virginia as the 9th most physically attractive mid-sized city in the country. You can view the rankings above…

The factors they looked at include:

  • Beauty amenities per capita (hair salons, health stores, makeup stores, spas, etc.)
  • Gyms per capita (being in shape is definitely a plus)
  • Fashion amenities per capita (suit stores, retro clothing stores, high fashion stores, etc)
  • Dentists per capita (great smiles are very eye-catching)
  • Percent of people who Like soap, deodorant, or hygiene on Facebook

Something tells me this has to do with Alexandria being in the top two cities  for millennial migration. What do you think? Do you agree with this assessment?

Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia by smilla4, on Flickr

(H/T Chad)

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