Hooray for Books! Crowd-funding Campaign – Now Underway! (Video) #MoreHooray

by Lee Hernly, Editor

This is an update to this post.

Locally owned children’s bookstore Hooray for Books! announced recently that they will be launching a campaign on popular crowd-funding platform IndieGoGo to raise funds for their upcoming expansion. See the video above (I LOVE the end part…).

You can now donate to the fundraising campaign at this link.

The funds have been secured to expand the store. What Hooray for Books! needs help with during expansion is helping to pay for things like:

  • a new cash register
  • updated computer software and point-of-sale system
  • A/V equipment such as a monitor and projector for author events
  • bookcases, tables, and chairs

As a parent, I can say that my son LOVES going to Hooray For Books! and it is so nice, in this age of e-Readers, to have a community bookstore like this. I’m donating, what say you?

Hooray for Books

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