Alexandria Residents Hit With String of Break-ins in Taylor Run


While the holiday season may be the time of giving, thieves look at it it as a prime time for taking. Good tips in the article for Alexandria homeowners from the Alexandria Police Department.


A string of Alexandria home break-ins have residents on edge.

Last week, seven incidents were reported within a mile of each other on West Taylor Run, Bryan Street and Braxton Place. In at least one case, jewelry was stolen.

Crystal Nosal, spokeswoman for the Alexandria Police Department, says burglars take advantage of the holiday season because people are frequently away from their homes, shopping or visiting loved ones.

“Burglars are going to go for what they determine is an easy target. If they feel they are getting valuable items out of one neighborhood, they may hit more than one house.”

No arrests have been made in these cases, but Nosal says detectives are investigating whether they are connected.

“Sometimes these criminals may be getting into your house right after you leave because they see you leave the house and they’re not looking for a confrontation.”

She suggests locking doors with good-quality deadbolts and keeping your property well lit.

“Make sure there isn’t anything preventing a good sight line to the front of your house. If you live in a place with a lot of landscaping, trim some of it back, because you want other people in your neighborhood to see this suspect if they are breaking into your house.”

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