District Taco Opening SOON in Alexandria – Here’s an Exclusive Sneak Peek


UPDATE: District Taco OPENS 12/16 @ 11:00 AM.

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As readers of this blog know, we were the first to report that District Taco was opening a location for their deliciously awesome taco’s in Alexandria, Virginia. District Taco is replacing the former home of Chicken Out at 701 S. Washington Street in Old Town.

This new joint brings the total to five (5) District Taco locations brought to you by founders Osiris Hoil and Marc Wallace. Osiris’ story truly embodies the American dream as he started District Taco after getting laid off from his construction job several years ago and decided to start a Taco business with his best friend and neighbor Wallace. The company started with one stand and one employee and now boasts over 200 employees.

Having never been to a District Taco location (I LOVE the food truck though!), I was very excited to learn the ins and outs of what my fellow neighbors can expect when coming to District Taco starting NEXT WEEK (you heard me people!). The opening will be announced on Twitter so, be sure to follow DT at this link (Trust me – I did my darnedest to coax the date out of Osiris this morning to no avail). The menu can be found here.

When I was there this morning, Osiris and crew were busy preparing for a health inspection and the opening depends on when they pass. Staff has been hired and is being trained at one of the other District Taco locations and will be ready to go when they open.

When it opens, the restaurant will be open seven days a week starting @ 7:00 AM for breakfast and you can order breakfast tacos ALL day. Their mission is to serve quality Mexican food (Osisris is from Yucatan area of Mexico) that is fresh, simple and healthy. All of the food is made fresh daily from quality ingredients. They do NOT use freezers. Quite cool.

One thing Osiris also stressed was they are a very environmentally friendly company. They reuse some of the original design during construction and use environmentally friendly packaging.

So, what will the restaurant look like, and how does one order at District Taco? More after the jump…

As you enter District Taco, like Chicken Out before it, you order on the right. While I understand from readers that the menu is limited, you get unlimited toppings and can change the entree to make it anyway you’d like. They then BRING YOUR MEAL to you! Very cool.

District Taco in Alexandria, Virginia - how to order & sneak peek

After ordering, in the corner they have a soda machine that produces soda with cane sugar (Osiris said it’s healthier) as they use neither Coke nor Pepsi products. I for one, am very eager to taste it. Next to the soda machine there will be a whole bar of fresh chopped toppings and sauce to choose from, all free.

District Taco in Alexandria, Virginia - a sneak peek

The seating area here looks pretty generous (see above photo as well). What do you think?

District Taco in Alexandria, Virginia - a sneak peek

IMHO, the coolest thing of all in this joint is the milk carton lights – very cool!

District Taco in Alexandria, Virginia - a sneak peek
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