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Is This Sign TOO BIG in Alexandria’s Del Ray Neighborhood?

Remax sign on Mount Vernon Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia's Del Ray neighborhood at 2104 Mount Vernon Avenue

As we told you FIRSTRE/MAX Executives, currently located at 2715 Mount Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia is moving down the Avenue to this location at 2104 Mount Vernon Avenue in this house that sits between the Anne Welsh Salon and the 7-Eleven.

They currently have a sign out front that is quite HUGE (See above – sign on left). What do you think? Is this sign too BIG or does size matter if it’s on private property?

UPDATE (11:07 AM): According to the Mount Vernon Business Area Plan (PDF), adopted in 2005, the answer is yes – it may be too big (see pg 96).

(H/T Del Ray Dish)

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The document linked is one of those “visionary” documents with recommendations, guidelines, and various wish-lists. It is NOT the sign ordinance, which is the law. The question is not whether one “thinks” its too big, does it comply with the ordinance? Sign regulations govern size on all property, which includes private private property especially.


The sign is likely too big. There are specifications in the zoning ordinance about signage in the Mount Vernon Avenue Overlay zone: 6-605 – Signs.  The provisions of article IX of this ordinance shall apply within the overlay zone the following additions and modifications: (A) Sign designs compatible with Mount Vernon Avenue. The following sign types are permitted: (1) Sign type. All signs shall be wall-mounted, projecting signs, glass applied or located on the valance of an awning; (2) Sign location. All signs shall be located below second floor windows; (3) Awnings. Awnings shall be designed to coordinate with… Read more »

Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown

They can make the sign twice as big for all I care. I’m just glad the tarot card readers are gone. That stuff creeps me out.