About the Giant Shopping Cart Seen in Old Town Alexandria Yesterday

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Yesterday, readers alertly spotted this giant shopping cart rolling through the streets of Old Town Alexandria. An Instagram follower spotted it on Duke Street as well. What I called ‘An Odd Looking Vehicle’ (because hey it’s not like you see a street-legal grocery cart in Alexandria everyday…) is actually known as the ‘Shopper Chopper’.

You can find out more about the giant shopping cart, the ‘Shopper Chopper’, in the video above (A local PA news video on the cart is at this link). You can find the ‘Shopper Chopper’ on the web at this link, on Facebook at this link and on Twitter at this link.

Quite impressive wouldn’t you say? All I know is, I want a ride. What about you??

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April 16, 2015 3:42 pm

[…] UPDATE (3:40 PM – 4/16): More info on the giant shopping cart can be found here. […]

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