Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Giving Back

Be a Hero for the Kids of Lyles Crouch in Alexandria on April 22 #Spring2Action

As readers know, on Wednesday, April 22nd our Alexandria, Virginia community will come together once again for the 5th annual 24 hours of unprecedented giving (a.k.a. the Spring2ACTion campaign) to support non-profits in Alexandria, Virginia.

Spring2ACTion is YOUR chance to make a real impact. You can make a REAL impact in the future of our kids education at a local Alexandria elementary school.

On Wednesday, during Spring2Action, every donation you make gives Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy a chance to win up to $40,000 in grants and prizes. With a donation of $10 YOU can make a difference.

The Lyles Crouch PTA is raising funds to acquire new technology for Lyles Crouch grades K-5. Currently, Lyles Crouch has 1 technology cart containing 24 iPads to be shared among  400 students, across 21 classrooms. The goal is to gain 4 additional technology carts, allowing work to be tailored for each grade level, based on need and ability.

See the tremendous impact the iPads are making on the children’s education at Lyles Crouch in the video above.

The way the children at Lyles Crouch learn is changing as rapidly as everything else in our technology-driven world and our students need to keep pace for success. With access to technology, we can:

  • Feed curiosity for discovery
  • Level the playing field for all children
  • Alleviate test anxiety
  •  Provide communication tools for English language learners
  • Teach how to use tools effectively and ethically

For more information or to make a donation, please go to this link. Be a hero for the kids of the Alexandria, Virginia community on April 22.


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