Morning Links

by Lee Hernly, Editor

For our Morning Links, we scanned the local Alexandria area papers, blogs, and news websites to find the most interesting stories in them you might have missed.

  • Here comes some GORGEOUS spring-like weather – While there are some showers to dodge on occasion, the next 5 days are spring weather of high caliber. (Capital Weather Gang)
  • Did you know? Four Alexandrians died in pursuit of John Wilkes Booth 150 years ago? April 1865 was one of the most eventful months in the history of our nation. During that month, Americans experienced the collapse of Petersburg and evacuation of Richmond; the Confederate surrender at Appomattox and end of the Civil War; the assassination of President Lincoln and the pursuit and killing of his assassin, John Wilkes Booth; and — on the day after Booth’s death — the worst maritime disaster in our history: the loss of 1,800 lives in the explosion of the Mississippi River steamboat Sultana (greater loss of life than the Titanic in 1912). (Alexandria Gazette)
  • Should there be referendums for Capital Improvement Projects in Alexandria? This reader thinks so. (Alexandria Times)
  • Christophe Poteaux of Bastille, Old Town is profiled – Poteaux always wanted to be a chef. He had a cousin in France with a restaurant where he sometimes worked in the summers as a youth. (Alexandria Gazette)
  • How Metro’s new 7000 series cars look like with passengers riding them – A ride in car 7000 gives clues as to how passengers will deal with the new design. (Dr. Gridlock)
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is expanding – The operator of Ronald Reagan Washington National airport has released further details of its plans to add a new regional concourse and expand the secure area at US capital’s close-in airport. (Flight Global)
  • Metro gave out a lot of swag to celebrate the new 7000 series cars – how much did they pay for it? Sunglasses, pins and #newtrain themed fans were just some of the goodies Metro has given away to celebrate the debut of its new 7000-series railcars. The swag cost a LOT less than those Silver Line ads though. (Dr. Gridlock)
  • What stations make the most money for Metro? When federal and regional officials were planning the Metro system, it took intense pressure from D.C. community and government leaders to persuade them to build a line serving low-income neighborhoods in the center of the city. Those neighborhoods, along what’s now known as the Green Line, are no longer so poor. But looking at Metro’s revenue, it’s clear why the Green Line wasn’t the highest priority of the system’s planners. (City Paper)
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice reports for jury duty –  We’re all summoned to jury duty at some point. So imagine everyone’s surprise on Wednesday, when the chief justice of the United States showed up in Montgomery County as a potential juror. (WTOP)
  • Where you CANNOT fly in Washington, DC – As you may have heard yesterday, a gyrocopter landed on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol yesterday. In general, flying over our nation’s capital is restricted. The Federal Aviation Administration has established two overlapping zones controlling how pilots can fly near Washington. (WaPo)

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