Fix 311 Offers Alexandria Residents a New FREE Mobile Way to Connect to City Hall

by Lee Hernly, Editor

We have spoken before on this blog about Alexandria, Virginia’s customer service system ‘Call.Click.Connect.’ But, did you know there is now a new, totally FREE mobile way to connect to City Hall to report a problem?

After four (4) years of working with the City of Alexandria, a former Alexandria resident has created this NEW mobile system called ‘Fix 311’. Fix 311 offers Alexandria residents a mobile way to connect to City Hall right from your mobile device. This FREE app allows residents to report non-emergency issues to Alexandria ( e.g. potholes, illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles, etc).

I have tried it out and it works. I reported a street problem in the Carlyle neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia using Fix 311 and got an email confirmation on my phone within minutes.

NOTE: As an Alexandria requirement for Call.Click.Connect., I had to enter the description of my problem twice. The request went through and was addressed very quickly by City staff. You can also not send an email to City staff or City Council using this app. This app is strictly for reporting non-emergency problems.

The Fix 311 app is available FREE for Apple devices on iTunes, and for Android devices on Google Play.

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