Sugar Shack Donuts Named a Top Donut Shop in the USA

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Sugar Shack Donuts Grand Opening in Alexandria, Virginia
The website produced the list of the top 33 Donut Shops in America. So glad to see that three of my favorites (including Richmond-based Sugar Shack Donuts) make the list.

A Virginia favorite since 2013 when it first opened in Carver, then downtown Richmond, Sugar Shack has now expanded to NoVa, and has bigger expansion plans in place in Maryland, Charlottesville, and even FLORIDA. And though we will wait with baited breath for them to eventually take over the world, you’ll have to travel to the Mid-Atlantic as of now to try their absolutely delicious handmade creations. Also, we must admit: the fact that they created a CADBURY EGG DONUT for Easter, and have legendary Irish dough bombs for St. Patrick’s Day has quickly put them at the top of our list. mentioned the expansion plans of Sugar Shack and said “COME TO NEW ORLEANS/CALIFORNIA PLEASE!” See the full list at this link.

(H/T Rob)

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