Support the Arts in Alexandria During #Spring2ACTion 2015

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Since A Show of Hands in Del Ray announced that they were closing their doors last year,  it is more important than ever to support the arts in our Alexandria, Virginia community. Spring2ACTion, which is going on TOMORROW (Wednesday, April 22), is a GREAT way to do just that.

During the 5th annual 24 hours of awesome giving TOMORROW, you can donate to one or more of approximately 100 organizations via the Spring2ACTion online giving platform. The event gives local nonprofit organizations the chance to compete for grants and prizes.

There are MANY nonprofits in Alexandria, Virginia that work and support local artists they sure could use your help. Here are a few examples.

Alexandria Choral Society

Alexandria Choral Society strives to enhance the cultural life of the city of Alexandria by blending individuals into one voice – and together making music. Click this link to donate.

The Alexandria Singers

Alexandria Singers mission is to perform American popular music, to inspire new generations of singers, and to be recognized as a premier “pops” chorus that represents quality entertainment for all. The Singers have big dreams of providing innovative music education opportunities in our local schools and throughout the community to inspire singers and musicians of all ages to grow and use their talents to enhance their lives and the lives of others. Click this link to donate.

Alexandria Symphony

The Alexandria Symphony (ASO) inspires, entertains and educates audiences and students of all ages in the Washington metropolitan area. The ASO also helps transform the lives of Alexandria’s kids through music. A donation as little as $10 goes to support the ASO’s performances at the GW Masonic Temple. Click this link to help the ASO remain a force in the community.

The Art League

The Art League is raising much-needed funds for our IMPART outreach program, a program that provides the powerful and transformative outlet of the visual arts to recently Injured Military Personnel from Ft. Belvoir, aiding in their transition to health and healing. A donation of as little as $25 helps buy one bag of clay for a participant where as a donation of $136 for camera loans for the program. Click this link to donate.

Arts on the Horizon

Arts on the Horizon is a non-profit theatre with a specific focus of providing performances and education programs for children 0-6. As little as $10 a month will help purchase books and toys. $15 will help send 3 kids to a show. $100 will help pay for promotional materials. Click this link to donate.,

Del Ray Artisans

Del Ray Artisans, founded in 1992, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote art for the benefit of artists and the community. As little as $15 will help keep them online for one month. $120 or $175 will help this organization pay for postage. You can donate to them online at this link.


QuinTango uses tango dance and music to model respect & partnership for area youth in Alexandria, Virginia. Click this link to donate.

Be a superhero TODAY. To find your favorite non profit that supports the arts in our community, click this link.

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