Are Political Campaign Signs Out of Control in Alexandria?

by Lee Hernly, Editor

Political signs in Alexandria, Virginia
Drivers call political campaign signs ugly and candidates consider them free advertising as every election year, political signs pop up along Alexandria, Virginia’s roadways.

Phil Cefaratti, running as an Independent for City Council this year, is urging all candidates to abide by the City’s zoning ordinance for political campaign signs.

As campaigns are now in full swing, I ask the candidates and their supporters to dutifully abide by the laws of Alexandria. The laws of Alexandria prohibit signs from within 15 feet of any intersection. Additionally, Alexandria’s laws prohibit signs that block views along traffic routes (e.g., signs placed in the grass on Duke St just east of Ft Williams Parkway hinder the view of motorists turning on to Duke from Ft Williams is a single example). Let us be mindful of both the law and its intent in this case to maintain safety. I intend to abide by these laws and will mind my signs in the fall.

So I ask you readers, are political campaign signs out of control in Alexandria?

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