Sunday, March 29, 2020

Rob Krupicka Endorses Bill Euille for Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia

Bill Euille
This was sent out via email to supporters this afternoon. What do you think of the endorsement? Do you agree or disagree? Discuss below…

Rob KrupickaHaving worked with all of the candidates for Mayor in Alexandria and knowing they all are good people that love our City, the choice to me is still clear: re-elect Mayor Bill Euille.

We have an amazingly attractive city with so many great attributes. I love walking around Alexandria. I love the new parks and small businesses. I love seeing the increased use of public art. I love seeing more people walk and bike. I love the fact that there are more and more wonderful places to go and explore in our city, from restaurants to farmer’s markets. As a parent, I appreciate the increasing quality of our schools and the investments made in them. As I walk through Alexandria, I just keep thinking that I want the city to keep getting better. Mayor Euille, with his big heart and consistent efforts to build consensus and listen to everybody is a big part of that. Click this link to learn why I believe Mayor Euille is the best candidate for mayor.

He has always supported Pre-K education for our children, and he has supported bold investments in our teacher’s pay, which allows us to attract and retain the best teachers.

Beyond education, Mayor Euille has been a strong steward of our city. He foresaw the last economic downturn and called for a plan to adequately deal with it with a comprehensive review of the city budget and programs as well as new economic development. The result, we still have our AAA bond rating and we are one of the best fiscally managed cities in the country.

Mayor Euille has also worked with the City Council to oversee a resurgence in the focus on public transit, biking and pedestrian infrastructure, and Metro.

I don’t want to walk away from the progress we are making with the Mayor and City Council. Alexandria is a city envied by many. Let’s keep it that way.


Thank you,
Rob Krupicka
State Delegate
Virginia General Assembly

(Red Brick Town Flickr Pool photo by Wayne Hulehan, on Flickr)

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