Monday, March 30, 2020

Inside Out is Fun for Kids of ALL Ages

As a Dad, kids, especially my soon-to-be seven-year-old, go through phases and that includes movies. For us, some movies have been hits like the Toy Story franchise and Frozen (of course…) while others have been misses for us (Planes). So, I was a little apprehensive whether or not Sam would make it through Pixar’s latest release Inside Out.

One thing I love about Pixar movies is that Pixar knows how to entertain the adults as well as the kids and makes movies that kids can love years down the road. On this, Inside Out delivers in a BIG way.

Like they did in ‘Up’, Pixar takes a serious, more adult topic and brought it down to a level to entertain the kids as well while making parents like me laugh (yes, the parents have emotions as well). As my six-year-old said ‘this is the BEST movie EVER!’

The movie puts the viewer inside the mind of 11-year-old Riley (Kaitlyn Dias). The emotion Joy (Amy Poehler) arrives shortly after Riley is born; Sadness (Phyllis Smith) comes soon after when baby Riley starts crying. Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), and Disgust (Mindy Kaling) come soon after that and round out Riley’s emotions in her brain (a.k.a. HQ) and they control her actions and responses via an awesome looking control panel.

The voices cast for the emotions deliver perfectly. This is especially true after Riley’s family unexpectedly packs up and moves West from Minnesota to San Francisco and Riley leaves behind her friends and her memories. After the move happens, the movie does a fantastic job of showing kids how the brain works through Riley’s, and her parents, emotions.

After the move, Sadness tries to take over Riley’s emotions while Joy doesn’t want Riley to forget the happy times. This leads to a battle that leads to getting Riley’s core memories as well as the two emotions lost in Riley’s long-term memory and they undertake quite an adventure to get back to the main part of Riley’s brain (HQ). This leads to new memories down the road.

‘Inside Out’ runs the gamut of emotions, from Joy to Fear, to Sadness, to Anger, Disgust, and Fear, and back to Joy again. The movie will make you laugh and make you cry and in the end, it will make you stand and cheer (As it did for the group we saw the movie with.). Spoiler! Be sure to stay for the credits.

I am sure my six-year-old will be enjoying this movie with his kids years down the road. So with that I will say to kids of ALL ages, run – do not walk – to see ‘Inside Out’ now playing at the AMC Hoffman 22.

Lee Hernly, Editor
the authorLee Hernly, Editor
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