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Alexandria City Council Takes Aim at Removing Alexandria’s Confederate History

As we told you (see here and here), Alexandria, Virginia leaders have spoken out about the City’s Confederate symbols. Our readers were quite vocal about this on this website (see link) and on social media. This discussion in Alexandria is part of a national discussion on Confederate symbols.

As we told you (see links above), there has been discussion on moving the Appomattox statue at Washington and Prince Street. Now, local leaders want to rename Jefferson-Davis Highway and prevent the Confederate flag from being raised next to the Appomattox statue in Old Town at Washington Street and Prince Street (see photo above) on two days of the year.

What do you think about this?

Via WaPo

Twice a year, Alexandria city employees hang three Confederate flags from traffic light poles in Old Town, at a busy intersection guarded by the statue of a pensive Southern soldier.

The tradition reflects the Confederate heritage of this history-drenched city, where tour guides wear Revolutionary-era garb, there is an official town crier and the Freedom House Museum marks the site that was once the nation’s largest slave-trading depot.

In the past, the job of hanging the flags on Robert E. Lee’s birthday and Confederate Memorial Day sometimes fell to African American employees, according to a now-retired supervisor, who called the task “disgusting.” But with Confederate symbols under new scrutiny following the church shooting in Charleston, S.C., Alexandria’s African American mayor and other city officials are poised to end the flag tradition.

Mayor William D. Euille (D) said the council, which is currently in summer recess, will review its policies on Confederate flags, statues, building and street names when it reconvenes in September. He and the other six council members each said the time has come for the city to stop raising the Confederate flag on city property.

Read more at this link.

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Chris Lucard
Chris Lucard

May 10, 1933 Does that date ring a bell with the City council? If not let me enlighten you. This is a infamous date in human history. On this date millions of books were burned at the hands of the Nazis. In an effort to purge and or rewrite history of anything and everything that does not conform to the States narrative. In the Middle East ISIS is systematically destroying and eradicating thousands of years of history. Now here in America it’s starting. If you think by removing, erasing and ignoring the past and all of its reminders in the… Read more »