Alexandria Roundup: Summer on Your Porch, Shopping, Cardio, and more!


Sunrise over the Potomac River at the Alexandria waterfront

Tuesdays are Rule 5 days in which we scan the local Alexandria, Virginia area blogs to find the most interesting stories in them you might have missed. Please show our fellow local bloggers some link love!

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Heat, humidity, and storms continue this week The “ugh” factor is pretty high this week. (Capital Weather Gang)

Arlington bus stops aren’t very handicap-friendly Of the county’s 1,100 bus stops used by Metrobus and ART about 67 percent are in need of some improvements to make the accessible for people with disabilities. (Dr. Gridlock)

How do you spend the summer on your porch – win a prize! So the other night I vowed to myself that this porch would no longer be a shamefully underutilized space  – but a place for connecting with each other, chatting with neighbors and just lounging. (Alexandria Lifestyle)

DUI deaths and arrests increase in greater Washington DC area Bucking the national trend of declining drunk driving fatalities, the Washington-metropolitan recorded a double-digit increase in such traffic deaths in 2013 according to a report released today by the nonprofit Washington Regional Alcohol Program. (Alexandria News)

Chronic cardio Are you addicted to cardio? The problem with our cardio addiction is we are now a generation of unfit, overtrained, injury prone and immune compromised “exerholics.” (Alexandria Stylebook)

Buy commercial kitchen supplies – no membership needed… Driving down Eisenhower Ave. last week to pick up my kids from camp, I passed the Alto-Hartley restaurant equipment showroom. At first I didn’t pay much attention, but when I saw the signs in the window saying “no membership required” and “open the public,” I had to stop. Commercial kitchen equipment? Hmmm… (DIY Del Ray)

Seven fun artist apps and games Next time you whip out your phone for another level of Candy Crush, why not try something that tests your creativity? (The Art League)

(Flickr Pool photo by Joseph Gruber, on Flickr)

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