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DASH Bus MAJOR Schedule Changes Go Into Effect Sunday, August 9, 2015

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On Sunday, August 9, 2015, DASH will implement the following schedule changes:

    • Weekend route will terminate at Van Dorn Metrorail Station and no longer service Eisenhower Valley
    • Weekend service between Van Dorn and Eisenhower Metrorail Stations will be provided by the DASH AT5 route
    • Weekend AT5 route will be extended to Eisenhower Metrorail Station
    • Schedule modifications for improved service coordination
    • Weekday schedule modification for improved Metrorail connectivity
    • Increased service to every 10-15 minutes for improved frequency and capacity

As a reminder, please check all DASH routes for timetable adjustments for improved schedule adherence, coordinating, connectivity and service reliability.

Please refer to the new DASH Ride Guide with the GREEN cover for routes and schedules.

Click this link (PDF) to view the new DASH Ride Guide.

Reader Scott Anderson, a member of the Transportation Commission, writes in about the changes…

Breaking this down for everybody’s information:
Effective Sunday (9 August), DASH is making three service schedule changes.  They are:
1. The trolley will now run every 10 minutes from 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. during peak tourist season, and every 15 minutes the rest of the time.  It has been up to now an every 15 minute service at all times.  This, combined with the arrival of the new trolley (with two doors) will help to alleviate overcrowding.
2. The weekend service in the Eisenhower Valley will now be served by the AT5 instead of the AT1.  This will give the Eisenhower Valley folks the curious trait of being the only place in Alexandria with better service on Saturday than during the week, since the AT5 runs every 30 minutes on Saturday.
3. The AT7 times are being adjusted, and if you look at the new schedule it looks confusing.  The point of it is that people traveling from the southwest quadrant (the area west of US 1 in south old town) will no longer have to wait 10 minutes for the Lee Center layover on the way to the metro station; the bus will loop right through and lay over at the Metro instead.  The only negative impact is for a hypothetical person traveling from Landmark through King Street Metro toward Lee Center, as they will have to wait at King Street, but that is in reality a miniscule number of riders.  For everyone else, eastbound times have not changed; westbound times have changed by a few minutes.

(Photo by David Wilson on Flickr)

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