Securing Alexandria’s Future: Good Candidates, Good Government, Alexandria

by Lee Hernly, Editor

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Securing Alexandria’s Future, a political action committee originally formed in 2012, has been reconstituted for the November 3, 2015 City election. For the 2012 election, SAF submitted a questionnaire to all of the candidates. The answers were analyzed, and a recommended slate of candidates was chosen and presented to the voters.

SAF will employ this same process for this November’s election. A survey has been prepared, and is currently being submitted to the candidates.

We are proud of our well-run city, its diverse neighborhoods and communities, the recognition it is getting nationwide, its accomplishments and its positive trajectory. We are fortunate to have so many talented and qualified candidates who are interested in serving, and believe that is vitally important that voters learn as much as possible about the positions advocated by each one. We would like to understand what the candidates “would do” moving forward instead what they “would not have done” in the past.

As we all know, there are important issues being discussed about the future of the city, and clear differences on these issues can be drawn from the candidates’ statements, writings, and comments. We will attempt to clarify those positions so that the voters will be more informed, and can make their decisions.

Securing Alexandria’s Future hopes to help facilitate that process and offer recommendations on those candidates whom we believe to be the most prepared to lead our city for the next three years.

Securing Alexandria’s Future will assure that candidates with the knowledge, ability, and passion to run a complicated City government are brought to the attention of Alexandria’s voters.

Securing Alexandria’s Future is a ad hoc committee made up of engaged and knowledgeable residents and many prominent local leaders. The list of members for the 2015 election will be posted before any information concerning support for candidates is posted.

For questions please email or call Luke Vaughn at (703)915-2705.

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