A little over one (1) week ago we said we wanted to hear from our beloved readers in a completely non-scientific poll – what issue in Alexandria, Virginia matters to you most of all this election 2015 season?

This is what you told us. Out of 75 votes cast over last week, Red Brick Town readers chose development as the top issue (34.67% of the vote), followed by schools (18.67%), and taxes (13.33%). You can view the results here.


In lieu of the chosen issues, we allowed our readers to write in their own issue(s). Here’s what you said.

  • Affordable housing (mentioned 2x’s)
  • Development will be stopped under Silverberg
  • a united, functioning government
  • Density
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Attracting more tax paying businesses to Alexandria
  • All of the above, minus crime and parking
  • Continuation of proper development so taxes don’t go up.
  • Metro

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