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Sunday Roundup: 5 Things Around Alexandria

National Harbor Place
For our Sunday Roundup, we scanned the local papers, blogs, and news websites to find the most interesting stories in them you might have missed.

How much will it rain the next few days? The iffy forecast continues into the midweek, as we expect more opportunities for showers, but just how many make it into the core of the reading area remains uncertain. (Capital Weather Gang)

Is changing Alexandria’s street names a step too far? But the recent clamor to rename streets named after Confederate leaders seems over the top. Although their ultimate cause was the continuation and expansion of the institution of slavery, and there should be no doubt that it was evil and unjust, that does not mean that those who supported it were evil and despicable. As individuals, they were probably no better or worse than their Union brothers. People are a product of their time and place. (Alexandria Times)

Alexandria’s Fire Chief and Medics clash over cross-training plan Councilman Justin Wilson is choking on a fruit chew. After City Council votes on whether or not to call 911, emergency services arrives on the scene. Before 2014, if a fire unit had arrived on the scene first, the firefighter would have begun administering basic life support immediately. However, if more drastic measures were required, the firefighters would have to wait until the medical transport unit arrived to perform more invasive procedures. But with the Fire Department’s restructuring over the last year, no matter which unit arrived first, Wilson would be able to receive the needed emergency care. It was a hypothetical scenario used in the City Council’s Sept. 12 public hearing, to explain the layout of the new system implemented by the Alexandria Fire Department. But the new system raises questions, and not just about Wilson’s mortality. (Alexandria Gazette)

Jefferson-Houston’s playground and field reviewed Construction on the Jefferson-Houston playground and turf field ended earlier this year, but I visited for the first time last weekend for my son’s soccer game. It’s a fabulous addition to the neighborhood and worth a visit even if your kids don’t attend the school. (DIY Del Ray)

How one little black Fiat helped stop the D.C.-area’s traffic and transportation woes for a few days There were relatively few problems on Metro — except for slower trains on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines because of speed restrictions that had nothing to do with the pope. And the roads were clear. (Dr. Gridlock)

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