Federal Government to Assume Oversight of Metro? #Breaking



Wow. Given all of Metro’s problems recently, this is certainly not unexpected. What do you think about this?


A federal agency may soon have new safety oversight responsibilities over the beleaguered Metro system. The National Transportation Safety Board is expected to announce the recommendation Wednesday afternoon.

This means that a different set of inspectors and standards will apply to Metrorail. It’s an unusual move — generally, the railroad administration doesn’t oversee subway systems, only overland railways.The NTSB is making an urgent recommendation to the federal Depratment of Transportation to place Metro under the oversight of the Federal Railroad Administration.

NBC Washington’s Adam Tuss tells WTOP that the move will mean “stricter, tighter enforcement of rules and regulations.” He called the move “a first of its kind” and “a huge step … Certainly one that riders, I assume, would welcome.”

Metro is currently overseen by the Tri-State Oversight Committee, which critics have called ineffective in light of a series of serious safety lapses on Metro, most notably a smoke event that killed a woman near the L’Enfant Plaza Station in January, as well as a derailment of an empty train in August that snarled three rush hours.

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