Phil Cefaratti Endorses 5 Other City Council Candidates

by Lee Hernly, Editor


Local realtor Phil Cefaratti, running as the only independent candidate for Alexandria City Council, has endorsed five (5) other candidates to serve along side him on City Council – four (4) Democrats and one (1) Republican.

From the Cefaratti campaign:

As the only Independent candidate running to win a seat on City Council, I have chosen to identify and endorse the candidates I believe will best serve the needs of Alexandria. In the spirit of true non-partisanship, friendship, and camaraderie, I recommend Alexandria voters support the following candidates (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Willie Bailey – D
  • D. Phil Cefaratti – I
  • John T. Chapman – D
  • Paul Smedberg – D
  • Fernando Torrez – R
  • Justin Wilson – D

As an aside, I would be remiss in failing to acknowledge the great 30 years of service provided by Councilwoman Del Pepper. Her decades of commitment and caring for the needs of residents in our great City have been nothing short of remarkable, and my first act on City Council would be to work with the mayor and my fellow councilmembers to create an honorary position for her as “City Councilwoman Emeritus.”

Each of the 11 candidates for Alexandria City Council offers unique personal perspectives. I believe the six candidates identified above would be the most effective team to work together to address and to solve the City’s issues over the next three years and beyond.

I trust the character and ability of each of us to work together positively and proactively to reach beneficial decisions, despite inevitable differences of opinion. Ultimately, we will be sharing our passion and firm resolve to make Alexandria the best it can be.

As an Independent candidate, I do not seek endorsements, follow any party ideology, or cater to special interest groups. My Independent candidacy gives me the opportunity to represent all Alexandrians across the full political spectrum.

This past summer, Alexandria voters sent a clear message that they seek changes at City Hall. Please help effect that change by voting for me, along with the candidates I endorse. I look forward to joining them in helping to serve you for the next three years, my fellow Alexandrians.

With Democrats, Independents, and Republicans working together, we are a winning voice for all Alexandrians.

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